Sleeping with books

This is a slogan of Gladstone’s library but as it comes to the Internship it is incredibly accurate. I’m not only working at Gladstone’s library I’m also living here!


Whilst most interns of the mobility project have to look for an apartment and organise their lives, living at Gladstone’s is way easier. I’ve got a room to stay and food is served three times a day. So no need to look for an apartment in a city I’ve never heard of and no need to cook after having finished work for the day!
When I first came here I was kind of afraid what the food would be like, because you hear a lot of bad things about English cuisine, but there is always something I like to eat (and if worse comes worst you can still order a pizza).
But that isn’t even the best part! The best part about staying in the library are the other interns. In Gladstone’s library there are always three regular interns from the UK. They live in the library too!
Every night from 17:00 to 22:00 one of the regular interns is on duty and has to be there for the guests in case of queries. This is why after dinner (18:45-19:15) usually all of the interns stay at the Gladstone room hang out together, watch a movie, play games or just read. And that’s the reason why my English has already improved this much (or at least I think it has improved).

It's great to have people about the same age around who share the same passion for all things libraries! However every once in a while, I like to curl up in my room with a good book :)