Marketing day

Today I´ll tell you something about marketing days. Every intern is allocated one day a week (in my case Friday) they are responsible for the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the library. Every day there are supposed to be at least three Facebook posts and three tweets. And believe me it’s not always easy to come up with something that hasn’t already been posted that week!


As the posts are supposed to be connected to the library or the collection, I usually go on Gladstone’s library website and look for some interesting things I didn’t know or haven’t heard anything about (recently). I also use to look for some interesting anniversaries that are relevant to the library.


After finding the ideas for the posts, a majority of the work is done however it's not quite over yet!
Now I have to phrase my ideas in a way that makes them sound catchy and interesting. Usually Elspeth (one of the other interns who studied English literature) helps me with the phrasing and proof-reading (of this blog as well).
As soon as the text for the posts are ready, I need to look eye-catching pictures to accompany them. We have lots of marketing photographs of the library and the surroundings on our shared drive, but sometimes it’s still necessary to take some pictures by myself.
After having found (or taken) the perfect (or at least a suitable) picture I have to schedule the posts through Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a website that allows you to schedule posts on the most important social media sites. As most people read posts/tweets in the evening after work, we usually schedule our posts between 17:00-21:00 o’clock.


After being scheduled the posts are reread by our marketing manager Amy Sumners. Following the six social media postings, (I will link them on this blog from now on) the interns usually get other marketing related tasks to do. But since I’m still pretty slow with the six posts I didn’t haven't had any additional tasks (yet).

As soon as I know what else there is to do on marketing days, I’ll let you know!

I will create a new tab where I will link all the posts and tweets I created.